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Staying Positive at Carter’s Positive Psychology Workshop

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

By: Sophia Li, PRIMO, Harvard College '21

The illustrious Carter Nakamoto has decided to host a weekly positive psychology workshop on Fridays to share and use resources for wellness and positivity. To frame the discussion, we watched a couple short videos from Laurie Santos (AB ‘97, PhD ‘03), the professor of Yale’s most popular class (The Science of Well-Being). We started with a brief discussion of the GI Joe Fallacy, the idea that “knowing is half the battle.” This is a fallacy because knowing something is often not enough to put it into action (e.g. we can’t unsee optical illusions, even when we know they exist). Santos then introduced two “rewirements” (habits or interventions that improve happiness) – savoring things that you’re enjoying during the moment and being grateful for these things afterwards. She also recommended documenting these feelings during and after the process to solidify them for posterity.

Next week, we’ll learn more about the research behind happiness and reflect on how we put these two “rewirements" into practice. Come hang out!

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