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Poetry Reading: A Pause for Presence, Contemplation, and Appreciation

By: Helen Cho, PRISE, Harvard College '23

Fellows of HSURV and HSURV’s beloved Chris came together for a grounding and empowering session of Poetry Reading this past Monday at 6PM EDT, hosted by the compassionate Maryam. During the session, we each took turns reading (and at times, reciting!) poems that resonated with us in different ways, ranging from poems featuring dogs to inspirational pieces reminding us to cherish and embrace the limited time we have on this planet. Maryam even shared a beautiful poem of her own, titled “NEOWISE,” capturing the breathtaking moment she witnessed Comet NEOWISE.

Here’s a list of poems that were shared during the hour-long Poetry Reading session:

Interested in sharing a poem or hearing a poem? Maryam hosts Poetry Reading every Monday at 6PM EDT! Stop by for enlightening, thought-provoking content :)

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