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Meet our HSURV Entryways!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

As the 2020 HSURV Fellows begin their summer experiences, they have the special opportunity to create small communities within the broader summer research village. This opportunity comes in the form of entryways - intimate, small groups for students to get to know one another through conversations, game nights, and more. Traditionally, students in an entryway would live together on campus. However, as this year’s HSURV experience is online, entryway members all share the same ~Zoom~ room together.

Let’s meet each of the entryways, shall we?

This is a running post of all the entryways in HSURV. Keep checking back regularly for more entryway introductions...

Karina's Entryway!

Row 1: Andrew, Karina (me), Abbey, Serin

Row 2: Chris, Jenna, Madeleine, Brendon

Row 3: Katie, Aba

Fun Fact: During their first meeting, Karina shared that her entryway is going to peer pressure her into watching Avatar!

We’ll have to check in on her later to see how that goes.

Anna Kate's Entryway!

Fun Fact: None of the six people shown here have a pet except for Anna Kate, who has a pet fish that cost $4.13. Her fish has traveled on a plane eight times.

Alyssa's Entryway!

Juhee's Entryway!

~Fun facts~

  1. Seokmin survived a terrorist bombing in Bali in the second grade.

  2. Isabella has had almost every farm animal as a pet.

  3. Zayd does not do well with fun facts.

  4. Audrey has been doing ballet for a long long time.

  5. Kavya is left handed.

  6. Juhee loves cockatiels more than humans.

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