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I really cannot think of a catchy title for myself hence: Juhee

Juhee was born in Pleasanton, California, but moved to Indore, India when she was nine. She did PRISE last year and is excited to be a Program Assistant this year! She's a rising junior living in Dunster, but still a proud Mowerite (I think that's what it's called?). She is (trying to) pursue a joint concentration in Bioengineering and Integrative Biology.

She can be found organizing events and mentorship programs for Harvard Dharma and the Harvard College Conservation Society, photographing for Camp Kesem, or just walking/biking along the Charles (perks of being in Dunster!). This summer, she is researching tympanic membrane reconstruction in the Remenschneider Lab and Experimental Evolution in Yeast in the Desai Lab. She makes great chai with a family spice mix which you do not want to miss! Oh and also, she loves animals of all types, from tiny limpets (look them up, some look like Baby Yoda!) to birds like her beloved pet cockatiels who she admittedly loves more than any homo sapiens.

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