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Hinglish Flows at the Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Gujarati/Bengali/Marathi Language Table

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

By: Juhee Goyal, Proctor, Harvard College '22

Juhee created and is hosting a new language table this week; at the event, attendees recognized that the Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Gujarati/Bengali/Marathi Language Table is a great opportunity to learn from people of various backgrounds in similar-ish languages.

Sambuddha, Sahaj, and Juhee bonded over everything from Physics to Bengali/Hindi. Sahaj and Juhee talked about the street food of Indore India and talked in more Hinglish than Hindi, but in the end, what flows - flows! We look forward to seeing you next week where we’ll be watching Paa, a Bollywood film (half of it is conveniently in English) with English subtitles. Paa follows “the 12-year-old Auro, who is raised by his gynaecologist mother Vidya and combats a rare genetic disorder called progeria. Auro wants to know about his father but Vidya hides it from him.”

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