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Evil Wins, Game Over: Spooky Times at Murder Mystery Night

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

By: Sophia Li, PRIMO, Harvard College '21

12 suspects. 6 breakout rooms. 1 murderer. Will Krishnan’s friends and family be able to track down the killer?

Hosted by the lovely Juhee Goyal, HSURV’s first Murder Mystery night of the summer features a fun South Asian-themed mystery. The murder of the fictional McKinsey recruit Krishnan at SAA’s annual Ghungroo show is to be

solved by his lover, his friends, and family. 11 Fellows attended and were each assigned a role in Krishnan’s social circles.

Teams: murderer and his accomplice versus everyone else. We roam through 6 Zoom breakout rooms - named Lowell Dhall, Dunster Grille, Cabot Aquarium, Canaday Basement, Smith Campus Center, and Agassiz Theater - swapping rumors of sightings, motives, and weapons to uncover the truth. The murderer turns out to be Dilip, one of Krishnan’s college friends bitter about rivalries in the past, with his girlfriend Shalini as the accomplice. After they fail to frame Krishnan’s wife Dr. Rekha using a stethoscope painted in blood, all eyes turn to Dilip and Shalini. Luckily for them, Dilip escapes as Shalini was voted the killer and no one suspects Dilip. Evil wins.

A fun activity for people interested in social deduction and mystery. More to come in the future!

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