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Concentrating in Everything Under the Sun, French Reading (Bougie!), and Watercolor Painting: Ralph!

Salam from Ralph! He is very (very) excited to be one of your program assistants this summer! He was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, and he's a rising senior in Leverett House pursuing a joint degree in Chemical and Physical Biology and Computer Science with a secondary in Statistics (if you can’t choose one, just do them all!).

Besides assisting the program, he’ll be doing thesis research on deep learning models in clinical genomics while preparing for his MCAT (oof). He enjoys reading novels from depressed French writers (in French, of course), writing creatively, and experimenting with music composition. He is also trying to get back into watercolor painting. If you can relate to any of the above (or not), please reach out so you guys can establish a business partnership!

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