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Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

By: Helen Cho, PRISE, Harvard College '23

Hosted by Alyssa, HSURV’s first Self Care and Chat session occurred on Friday, July 3. The hour-long chat was truly an opportunity for self care and connection during our remote summer in the research village. We touched on life during quarantine in all its variation from all over the country and shared our mutual passion and excitement for Hamilton, whose movie adaptation was released today on Disney+. As Harvard students, we reminisced over the restaurants and foods we missed the most in the Harvard Bubble (soup dumplings and ramen, anyone?) and speculated about the College’s upcoming Zoom panel discussion and what that might hold for the upcoming fall. We also expressed interest in an HSURV Dungeons and Dragons group – perhaps with Troy Powell, the Electrifying D&D Expert – stay tuned!

Want to join next time? Alyssa is planning on hosting more Self Care and Chat sessions, so watch out for those calendar events and emails!

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