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A Roaring Return of Coffeehouse

By: Sophia Li, PRIMO, Harvard College '21

The second Coffeehouse of the summer featured a variety of talents, from classical piano to high school cheer skills. Some familiar faces from the first coffeehouse included Daniel Huaracha on the violin serenading us with “Salut d’Amour” by Elgar, Sophia Li on the piano playing Bach’s Invention in F Major, and Julia Losner singing Jonathan Dove’s “My Love is Mine”.

We were also treated to a showcase of HSURV staff talent! In addition to hearing Julia’s angelic voice, we had the lovely surprise of witnessing Greg’s first-ever performance at Coffeehouse; he gave a theatrical reading of Professor Levy’s soliloquy from Crimes and Misdemeanors. Trang Truong played “5th Air Varie on a Theme by Weigl” by Charles Dancla (and showed off some left-hand pizz skills)
, and Isabella Beckett showed us a video of her high school team cheerleading. You can catch her doing a back tuck in the HSURV promotional video!

PRISE 2019 alum and coffeehouse fanatic Rachel Guo treated us to a soothing rendition of Coldplay’s “Yellow” to bring the night to a close. Huge shoutout to Julia Losner again for organizing, to all the performers for sharing your talents with the HSURV community, and to everyone who came out to watch!

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