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欢迎 (Welcome) to Chinese Language Table!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

By: Helen Cho, PRISE, Harvard College '23

Hosted by Cliff Wang, HSURV’s weekly Chinese Language Table commenced on Tuesday, July 14. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we not only dusted off some of the cobwebs of our Chinese speaking and listening skills, but we also had pleasant conversation and got to know each other. We discussed numerous topics, ranging from why we want to learn and practice Chinese to what we’re doing this summer. Like many Chinese Americans, we spoke plenty of Chinglish (for those who don’t know, Chinglish is a mix of Chinese and English) and used Google Translate to help us find the Chinese translation of words like “thesis” and “freetime.” Overall, it was a fun, and sometimes challenging, experience, but nonetheless a wonderful way to stay engaged with the language – and more importantly – the community who speaks it.

Interested in attending, but couldn’t make it? Do not worry! Cliff is hosting the Chinese Language Table every Tuesday from 5-6 PM EDT.

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